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Love “VS ” Hate

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Who are we?

Who are we not?

Love and hate are the two extremes that drive our emotional views of the world that we see around us, to surrender absolutely to one is to become blind to the other.

Today we live in unstable times, recent political issues have plagued and dominated the media leaving a bitter taste of distrust, dividing our nation and creating a modern day “us and them” mentality.

The unity of loving one and hating another has begun to rise, we are a species that has an inbuilt “safety in numbers” mechanism, through fear and need for security this can create and magnify extreme judgemental views.

This behaviour is an unavoidable deep primitive notion, almost tribal like mentality, it is designed to protect us when such emotions of stress, fear and vulnerability are present in our lives. This survival mode is woven deeply into our DNA, it is what both binds us together as a species but divides us also.

To surrender entirely to either love or hate creates an extreme emotional blind spot, this is not a healthy internal balance and thus creates poor judgement and the potential for destructive, negative behavioural choices.

We all know that balance creates internal peace and this is the optimal setting in life be it personal or professional, living with an open mind with the acceptance of diversity creates success and clarity.

Acceptance is all -

Acceptance of all-Room for both love and for hate.

Acceptance that although hate can be at times the all consuming emotional darkness controlling our thoughts and feelings, we must have enough awareness to understand that there is also room to love, for love and hate are one of the same.

Room to pause and become the observer seeing the intention behind the emotion and using this opportunity to learn and grow.

By focusing your energy on the positive rather than letting the weight of negativity pull you down we become more productive as love creates clarity and room to think more freely, giving us space to see the full picture and the opportunities all around us.

Unfortunately we live in a world that profits and is reliant on the control of hate and fear, this is the driving energy behind power, superficial greed and financial gain.

We are sold the belief that we live in a democratic society but in truth we are blind to our own manipulation, a system driven by negative intention for self inflated ego and profit is not a democracy.

- By its very definition -

Dictatorship - One shall profit and gain

Democracy- All shall thrive and flourish


Without these rules and mechanisms in place would we fall back into our primitive, tribal existence?

It is now 2019 the 21st Century, have we gained enough ground and distance in evolution today that we would rise above our true animalistic selves?

I ask, even with the synthetic shiny, superficial layers stripped back and peeled aside aren’t we just that?


Stripping back the distractions of our fabricated new world leaves space for our intuition to be heard, we all have it but only few of us listen to it. For those of us/you who do recognise that gut feeling and hear the internal nagging little voice, it is because those empty, shiny distractions no longer hold their purpose or value to you. You see them for what they are, merely a distraction getting in the way of happiness.

Once we begin to understand this notion we see the world for what it is and thus gain distance, balance and honest perceptive, we see the division and manipulation and we choose to rise above it.

By learning to observe the goings on around us, by taking in the bigger picture we learn not to impulsively react and respond, not without first asking why… We cannot control the world around us or have a say in how others behave and respond however, there is always a choice of reaction available to us making this is our choice our decision.

We can choose to react differently to give us an alternative and often more positive outcome.

Humans are simply magnets and mirrors to emotion and energy, offer kindness and love and you will receive the same in return, respond with aggression and negative action and you will receive the mirror reaction.

Both extremes of love and hate have the ability to change a persons reactions and perception of the world, perception is merely a choice. We can choose to see a situation differently, letting go of our ego and considering the potential of value in the opposing argument. You never know by letting go of what we think we know we might just learn something!

We must consider and value others views, choices and commitments, see the bigger picture. By doing so we create equality and respect, a movement of free thinking open individuals that have the potential to make positive change and great things happen.

A movement has no leader, it is not lead by one individuals perception and ideology of what the world should be, it is an infinity of individuals driven by a collective ideology fuelled by love and acceptance for all.


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