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I'm Daisy

Having lived many colourful lives it has been a busy existence, one that has lead me down the most beautiful paths where I have met some incredible people who bring light to this world, but for one with a curious nature and like a moth to light I am drawn to life's adventures. The darkness I also found to be an attractive and somewhat interesting prospect that lures us with the promise of excitement and a good time.

We all know that after every party there must be a cleanup operation, especially after 15 years worth of bad decisions. There is always collateral damage and things get broken, that goes for us too!

Perhaps it's now time for a life detox.

"Do you regret your past choices...?"

This is a big question and my answer is this - In time I have chosen to find the lessons to be learned rather than continuously repeating patterns. There are many if only we choose to see them, looking with an open, empathetic mind not a judgemental one. It has given me a level of perspective and understanding of myself, others and the world we have created.

Thus I believe a lesson learnt is never a lesson wasted.


​Finding peace and contentment in a singular subject is one of my big challenges in life. With a high speed, creative mind that wonders I find the distractions of life hard to avoid, either procrastinating or taking on the world.

As imagined this offers a unique insight and an honest perspective into often more extreme subcultures of life. Through the journey of healing and decompression, I turned to a more natural focused lifestyle and became deeply engrossed in the study of plant medicines and our own healing abilities.

After years of having a bad relationship with food, repeating the same damaging mental patterns and suffering the consequences I observed myself and my attachment to this ingrained behaviour. Understanding that none of my mantras were indeed real I started to break them one by one.

I obtained a degree in nutrition and personal training, focusing primarily on both mental and physical reaction responses from the brain and body. I found there to be a lack of knowledge and understanding when it comes to our health and what we all need to run at an optimal level.

This only fuelled my "need to know more" mentality, taking my studies deeper into the subject of brain health (often the most neglected vital organ), plant-based nutrition and natural supplements. I discovered the incredible benefits of using CBD and medicinal mushrooms such as Lion mane and reishi along with our more native herbs and plant species. What a wonderful world Mother Nature has provided us with!

So, from there grew an amazing passion project, a small, sustainable and intelligent business - Daiba Organic!

Reconnecting with nature using organic, raw and directly sourced ingredients to create a range of healing health supplements to give an all-round well-being boost from mother nature.

Daiba Fungi 01-02.png

Having found a more primal and natural perspective on healing there was no turning back for me. From my observations, I found we have been looking in the wrong places, the source of our ailments being a more personal one...


Our own lack of understanding lies in the disconnection from ourselves. We have become a cocktail of chemicals, experiences and emotions all connected to the other and more importantly - each other. 

I found peace! I found it through understanding what was necessary to be naturally healthy and to think through neutral observation and connection to self. 

Next, at last I found my singular subject - Writing, being able to express my thoughts, discoveries and passion through creative and viewpoint writing. (1).png

Our truth lies in the fragments of our imagination and our ability to exercise ideas through listening to our inner thoughts and joining the dots.


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