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How Mushrooms Can Help Our Immune System & Stress

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

No longer so humble, mushrooms could well become the mighty to us all. In the wild, the mushroom fights for survival every step of its life and the compounds that help it do so are the ones which make this one of nature’s most versatile and amazing aids to strengthening and healing our bodies in our modern world.

Now it is becoming more commonly recognised that mushrooms can be an adaptogenic natural gift which can help much more than we could have imagined. With ultra-high levels of stress-causing daily damage to our immune systems, and viral infections more common than ever, we need a little help from anything nature can offer from her earthly medicine box. So how mushrooms can help our immune system and elevate our mood? Herbalists and healers for many centuries have been singing the praises of mushrooms for their benefits to our immune systems and they are now becoming recognised in the alternative medical world as a warrior to fight infections like colds and flu as well as actually helping relax and relieve us during times of stress and anxiety.

How Mushrooms Help Our Immune System Mushrooms themselves need antibacterial and antiviral compounds to survive in the wild, so they naturally harbour a lot of these substances. These can be part of the extract from them that then transfers to us to fight and survive against illness and infections. Certain mushrooms have sources of D-glucans, beta-glycosides, and other substances which can stimulate our immune system while selenium, magnesium and zinc, also present in some mushrooms can play a role in fighting influenza and other viral infections. By adding these medicinal powerhouses to our diet we can be nutritiously fighting and building at the same time creating a stronger and more resilient body naturally.

How Mushrooms Help With Stress We live in a world which leads to stress on all levels, and finding sources of rebalancing our levels of hormones, helping our bodies to be rested and active in a balanced way is a challenge in itself. Some mushrooms have been researched to provide a more calming effect on us and therefore lowering some of the stressful feelings which can be very debilitating to every day life.

Mushrooms (including Cordyceps and Reishi) can also be adaptogens which support the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems, as well as the adrenals, which are in charge of stress management.

How to Use and Choose Mushrooms Knowing your mushrooms and choosing the right ones for you, is similar to using all food supplements, that they can vary in quality and efficacy. Medicinal mushrooms have the same variation across products.

In an evaluation of a mushroom product, make sure it is organically grown and verified, whether it is available as a tincture, tea, powder or capsules. In addition, check if the company operates any third-party testing for purity and ensure they do not use any “fillers”. These checks will give the best efficacy, quality and safety in the product.

We currently only supply Organic Mushroom Extracts in capsules. New exciting products are coming soon to our shop.

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