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Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

Updated: Jun 7, 2021


( per individual )


50g - Cacao Beans - ORGANIC directly sourced, 250ml - Water/Plant Milk - We like to do half and half, to be awkward! Cayenne Pepper - A pinch of, Cinnamon - A good spinkle, Agave, syrup - Add to taste, cacao can be a

little bitter,


  • Measure/Weigh your cacao beans whilst dry,

  • Leave your beans to soak for 15 mins in hot ( not boiling ) water - You'll thank me for this step when it comes to peeling all those shells!

  • Peel off all their little shells - Do what you like with these ( disgard or recycle )

Its time to grind those beans! -

Now, theres two ways to get this part done

  • Blender or Pestle & Mortar,

  • Personally I tend to use my Nutri Bullet for convenience purposes but when you have some time to spend it's nice to get grinding the traditional way

  • Add all your above measured ingedients along with your lovingly peeled and ground cacao beans to the sausapan or whatever pot / method you are using to heat your chocolate creation,

  • Remember - Do not boil / over heat your cacao medine, take your time and heat slowly, stir gently,

Finally ...

Play some feel good, healing music to send all those healing vibrations into your beautiful chocolate medicine, we love playing a bit of GAYATRI MANTRA

Have a little taste to determine how much sweetness you want to add, it's personal.

When your ceromonial cacoa is ready it will be slightly frothy on top and smell delicious!


Set your intentions, open your heart and let all the healing energy of cacao do her magic.


When heating, do not over boil

You dont want to overheat and damage all those super healing, heart bosting properties!

A little patience...

Play some some healing, feel good music...

Create your medicine with good energy and set your intentions.

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