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How CBD Can Improve Meditation And Yoga Skills

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Nowadays promotion of a speedier life, whether communication, transport, or even physical chores that surround all our life choices.

If it isn’t about answering the beeping messages on a phone, it can be keeping up with the latest news or social media feed.

Constantly our brains are in overtime mood, but there are changes now towards a more balanced outlook.

For centuries, meditation has been accepted as an escape to more blissful mindfulness and a more relaxed mind and body, helping us to deal with stress more effectively.

Yoga too, having been around for many thousands of years, has been shown to improve our lives as a physical harmoniser, improving balance and concentration as well as posture, leading to a more balanced healthy mind and body.

So in our modern-day world where we are always seeking different ways to beat stress, looking at how CBD can improve meditation and yoga skills reveals some interesting facts which show that this natural newcomer to the stress-busting team can combine with some already established favoured practices and be a great asset to our well-being.

How CBD Oil Can Improve Your Meditation Skills

There has never been a more necessary time to gain more peace and less stress in our world and daily meditation is being looked at with a different pair of eyes to many. We need to de-stress more and more from the buzz of a fast-paced society, we need to learn relaxation techniques to balance up work or career days or just simply to combat stressful occasions when they arise.

Mediation can be the simple natural way to promote sleep, rest and relaxation and even rejuvenate and light up a day, it helps us to become in tune with our body mentally and helps emotional balance as well can physically become part of our daily routines in the future and not just a quick fix.

In biological terms, stress is not always a bad thing, it can be an early warning system or a direct response to change, it is what scientists call our “fight or flight” response but this can feel slightly unnerving or even promote panic and the messages sent to our brain in response can be emotional, physical or mental. Because of how CBD reacts with our brain it is shown to reduce the messages and erratic signals of change and therefore helps us to deal with the situation with calmness while we moderate the stress level.

CBD oil helps to promote healthy brain messages which in turn calm the mind over stresses which have become overwhelming. A few drops of CBD oil before settling down to meditate helps you to start the time with a clearer calmer mind and reaching the zen zone can be gained quicker.

When taking CBD oil to enhance your meditation practices, remember it may not always work immediately. If you are introducing any new supplements to your life, you should start on lower dosages and work your way up so that you can safely judge and control how it is working for you. It may take a week or more for you to notice the positive effects on your meditation session.

Tips for better meditation practice using CBD Oil

  • Use CBD oil to clear your mind and helps soften stress levels

  • Choose your location to alleviate negative thoughts- you should aim to be away from technology, bright lights, interrupting noises or invasion- if you can get outside and use nature even better as this will have a natural positive influence on your meditation times

  • Concentrate on breathing -the benefit of using CBD oil will have already helped to relax your mind and body and feeling every breath will enhance your awareness

  • Don t give up – it may feel like hard work especially at the beginning but in time you will find it becomes easier to shut out everything that is stressful and you will be able to switch off as you have never done before.

  • Here is a great App to help you get started with Meditation: Insight Timer With 40,000 free guided meditations, you can meditate on Insight Timer for as long as you want without ever paying a cent.

How CBD Can Improve Your Yoga Skills

Just as meditation can be the improver for the mind and create a more peaceful outlook especially if, under stress, yoga has long been known for its positive and healthy effect to our bodies and in the same way a helpful creator of a more calm blissful state of mind.

This skill has not survived over 5,000 years without reason, and it has been recognised and adopted by all countries now as a life enhancer for medical as much as mindfulness practices.

Health benefits from regular yoga sessions include increased awareness and concentration, improved balance and posture, and better sleep patterns. Combining yoga alongside meditation and the use of CBD oil creates the ultimate stress buster and mentally, physically and emotionally, these naturally work with our bodies own resources.

Most people will practice yoga for the same reasons, a better state of mind, a physical calmness to the body as well as increasing more flexibility to body limbs and joints and these benefits are all matched with the use of CBD oil. Greater feelings of dealing with life come from a more relaxed and flexible mental state as well as the physically calm body.

Prior to a yoga session, CBD oil can be super beneficial by helping to create the right mind space, whether you are working on a more relaxing yoga session or one which is more strenuous.

Following a particularly long session of yoga, CBD oil can also be a great aid to moderate pains and aches which may be felt in muscles and joints. After an evening workout applying CBD based balms before bed and again in the morning can help to release natural healing to recover and soothe the body quicker and more effectively.

The terrific trio of meditation, yoga and CBD oil together become a mega superhero team in the battle to create a more rewarding life mind, soul and body and combine to relieve stress and create a more balanced blissful life all in a natural way.

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