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Compassion - How to create a compassionate mind

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Compassion is a beautiful word, it can instil thoughts and images of helping others by acting on them and making a difference to someone in their life. Compassion can have a powerful effect on levels of happiness, mood and can encourage others to act more compassionately. This article will look at how to create your own direction and develop a compassionate mind. By acting on these feelings you can boost your own overall mental and physical health as well as others around you.

What you will take from this article

  • An understanding of what compassion actually is

  • Using the right words

  • How to develop a compassionate mind

  • Practical ideas to try

  • Final thoughts

What compassion actually is When we think about compassion do we immediately turn to the idea that compassion is love. Your thoughts may include love for your family and partner or love for friends or even your pets. Compassion at a basic level can be seen as love for others and often love for those less fortunate. However, compassion can be so much more than an emotional response. Compassion can be


Happiness and contentment that other people are thriving

Empathy for others who are struggling

Altruistic actions – doing something that benefits others rather than oneself.

Using the right words Words are at their most powerful when used for good and in a compassionate way. The be-kind movement has taught us to use our words compassionately rather with anger and spite. Strong words you can use to strengthen your compassionate mind may include: How can I help you? What can I do for you? I really value your time / opinion, I can be here for you if you need to talk.

If we look at the key words; help, do, value, time, opinion, here, need. This choice of language creates action and positive dialogue and responses. Remember focus on others rather than yourself, you can become a more compassionate person.

How to develop a compassionate mind To develop a compassionate mind, you need to work on the ‘whole-self’ which includes your word choices but so much more.

It’s is important to educate yourself about others, this could be different cultures and societies. It could be differences of how others perceive the world. There have been certain studies that show meditation can help you be a more compassionate person. It is known that good meditative practice can engage certain parts of the brain that deal with understanding, emotional regulation and empathy. The question is why wouldn’t you want to be more compassionate and turn into a positive person? Ask yourself this question daily and you will slowly improve your mindset.

Practical ideas to try Like you would train your body to be healthier you should never neglect your mind. So how can you develop a compassionate brain? Below you will find a few ideas to try:

  • Are you a tactile person? When covid restrictions are lifted and we have a little bit more normality, you can hold someone’s hand in times of need. This can flood your brain with feel-good chemicals like dopamine as well as the other recipient. What a wonderful shared experience from something so simple.

  • Practical more your thing? You can be practical and help out someone with shopping. Alternatively, you could skill swap, by sharing your expertise for another you can develop kindness and compassion. For example, are you an excellent cake maker and you need something fixed in your house. Exchange skills with others to get two jobs done.

  • Other ways you can develop a compassionate mind could be campaigning online for a subject that means something to you or donate your time through volunteering.

  • Thoughtful gifting – This can create a sense of wellbeing – take time to actively listen to your loved ones. They may mention their love of a certain flower, colour or hobby. They may discuss with you that they are looking to improve their physical or mental health. have a wide range of offerings that can help your loved ones feel better naturally. Knowing that you’ve thought of them and gifted an item that is ethically sound could be the kick start someone needs. Compassion can be found in a variety of ways, explore what works for you.

Final thoughts Some people have more compassion than others, however, you can unlock your ‘emotional power button’ through reflection by mediating and practical ways including the use of language day to day. It is quite common to say ‘I am going to get fit or eat better’ as a goal or target. What about saying to yourself ‘I am going to be more compassionate’, see where this journey takes you.

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