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Take Me Back

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Take me back to nature where it all began,

Back to the trees,

Where there is no concrete and no buildings to hide within,

Take me away from this world we have created new,

Away from the chaos that seeps deep into the veins of

Me and of you,

This new world,

It is not real you see,

Us becoming so estranged from what and who we were meant to be,

Our fragile existence,

A far cry from our past,

Disconnected, detached from this earth,

Becoming so arrogant,

It can never last,

Take me back to nature where it all began,

Away from this new world,

Let me feel,

I want to be free again,

Back to her beauty,

Where my soul resides,

Just for a moment,

Take me away from this modern life,

I will reconnect to life as it were before,

My feet grounded,

Placed firmly upon earths floor,

I feel the connection, recharged and new,

Trust me,

When i say she will do the same for you.

Daisy Valentine

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