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I Walk Bare

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I Walk with no label,

Walking with light feet and honest love,

I walk bare in a world so adorned with righteous truth and divine lust,

I walk belonging to no-one,

No team,

No tribe,

No religion,

Just me,

Existing in love,

Connected to all,

Free to be nothing and everything,

Free to just be,

We are of one source,

One beginning,

No end,

We are infinite existence,

Creation and Evolution,

With nothing but time to spend,

These labels,

These definitions of who, what and I,

Belonging to a statement,

They simply create divide,

We are the wisdom without knowledge,

Our potential so great,

If we could only recognise....

We are love,

With no room for hate.

Daisy Valentine

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