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Nature’s last call

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Her heat, Her energy, She is rising from the core, She is fierce, She is loud, No longer will she be ignored,

The message she brings, It carries the weight of warning, What have you done? I gifted you this world and you destroy it with no mourning,

My soils ravaged and abused, I gave you it all, A place to exist, A place to thrive, ENOUGH This is my final call,

Still you take with no mercy, No thought, No compassion, Loving with no meaning, Only your self indulgent reflection,

You will see, You will listen and pay close attention, She is coming to claim what is hers, Humanity must seek redemption,

But wait... There is still time for humanity to change, To love and to nurture, Making choices not for today, But, For the gift of a better future,

Mother Nature- She is forgiveness, She breaths life for us all- Past, present and future,

So just maybe... There is still time, Just maybe this isn’t natures last call.

Daisy Valentine

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