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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Layers, The collective you, Us, Smoke and mirrors, A fabrication of who we want to be, Masking the rhythm of reality, A creation by time, Our journey, Our lives, Hiding,

Hiding behind our own story, Sincerity fading, Swipe left,  Swipe right, Love, Lost and replaced for absent glory,

The value of now, What life has become, Upgrade-  Instagram stars, Colonising Mars, Media sensations and life extension, When will it end? Our eyes reopen, Look within and learn to listen?

Peel back the layers, See through the divide, I see you, Seeing with heart and honest eyes, It’s time, Time to bare all with honesty and kind, Listen closely, This is why,

Feelings and emotions are what creates the notion, The outer layer a mask, Polished and painted for others validation, I ask you why? Have we become so blind? Valuing what,  Not the who, Are you not tiered of hiding the real you?

It’s time to let go and remove the mask, Search inward with love, Embrace your weird, The Imperfections, The scars, There is nothing to fear,

You are beautiful, You are loved, The voice no longer ignored, I see you- Time to let go, Underneath is so much more, Peel back the layers.

Daisy Valentine

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