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I see you, Do you see me?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I see you,

Do you see me?

Or is it only my skin you see?


Your mind is made,

Perception through creation getting in the way,


let’s press pause,

What do you think you know?

Judgement is fear and judgement is ego,

Your ego lies,

It tells you stories,

Showers you in fake love and exaggerated glory,

Listening to our ego,

We submit to a lie,

Accepting it’s truth and never asking why,

Judging by half,

Never as whole,

We see only skin with no connection to soul,

Let’s be real just for a moment,

Forget social media, Instagram, Facebook and shiny filters,

We look, we judge with no depth behind our eyes,

Posting picture perfect edits,

This is not reality,

Just more lies,

I say it again,

This is not our purpose to exploit one a another,

Judging for empty self worth,

For what? The perfect,

“My life is so great”

Front cover,

There is so much more to all this than meets the eye,

Understand that we are here to...

Love, learn and listen,

To look deeper and embrace the adventure of life,


Let’s start by pressing pause,

Let’s try again…

Seeing not looking,

No judgement,

No ego,

Just love…

Now, Life can begin.

Daisy Valentine

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