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Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Lost in a world where once we belonged, Time is the illusion, We set our existence upon, But who’s time? To whom do we belong? These are not my rules! Who’s deciding for me? What is right and wrong,

Stop, be still, Let’s think for a moment, Humanity - What do we bring to the table? Simply floating through life, We are more, We are so able, Our purpose now lost, Our time now owed, Travelling, independent worlds, Stuck, Living in survival mode,

I cannot help but ask why, I know there is more, I see it, I feel it, Battling between consciousness And - What we are told, Often feels more like war, Consciousness they say, Is to become more aware, Looking inward not outward, Yes, I have it, so do you, It has always been there,

You see, We all have the right,  A choice in what we believe, But - Freedom of choice, Finding our place, This does not come with ease, The journeys we follow, The lives that we lead, It all has a place, Leaving our mark of existence, Upon the fabric of time and space,

For, We are not lost, Drifting, Expending empty units of time, There is a point to this story, Reason - Wake up and shine, Smile, Be kind, The journey called life, Us - No longer lost, This is our purpose, We’re doing just fine.

Daisy Valentine

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