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Within the pages of our story we find the answers, revealing our most authentic self as we begin to peel back the unconscious layers and unlock our true potential.
Are you ready to begin your journey?...

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A movement has no leader, it is not lead by one individual's perception or their ideology of what the world should be. 

A movement is an infinity of individual's, together they are driven by collective ideology, one that is fuelled by love and connection to all.

Daisy Valentine (1).png

A collective hub for creative expression and free thinking individuals...

Creating space to bring people together ...

We - Us - You and I,

Merely a collective of minds composed by individual journeys of intricate experiences delivering our unique viewpoint of the world around us.

It's about pushing the boundaries of comfortable, exploring and challenging our perception of the world around us to gain a deeper understanding of who we are as individuals and the collective wisdom we share.

Re-wilding your being and returning to a more natural state of living is the journey to freedom and well-being.

We belong to the natural world, our bodies have the innate intelligence to heal and thrive with the right ingredients.

 Plant medicines, herbs and mushrooms are our connection and source to wellness and healing. (1).png


A powerful expression of feeling, emotion and idea through creative writing.


An insight into my personal world and sentient visions.


Poetry is my language of passion, thought and imagination. A language  I share through the art of words.



An insight into my curious and ever-adventurous brain.


Observing life's journey and the world around us, from a philosophical and mind focused viewpoint. 


The conscious, the unconscious, 

what we do and why?



Daiba Fungi

Bringing you Earth's most intelligent and beautiful wild medicines.

These medicines help us to build more authentic relationships with our body, mind and being, creating a deeper connection with our self and our consciousness.
Mushrooms help us tune into our inner intelligence and observe our patterns, behaviours, supporting our emotional clarity. (1).png

I am Daisy ...


Having lived many colourful lives it has been a busy existence,

one that has lead me down the most beautiful paths where I have met some incredible people who bring light to this world,

but for one with a curious nature and like a moth to light I am drawn to life's adventures... (1).png

Published in tears of swords

Take Me Back

Take me back to nature where it all began,

Back to the trees,

Where there is no concrete and no buildings to hide within,



Take me away from this world we have created new,

Away from the chaos that seeps deep into the veins of

Me and of you,

Truth Pill


A pill we all side step to avoid,

Our bare reflection,


Masking a vulnerable void,

False realities,

No Insecurities,


Read the subtext...

I present to you the new me, (1).png

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